1. Speed up the delivery of vaccines. Ensure our community has enough vaccines.
  2. Implement security surveillance cameras. Build street security cameras.
  3. Cooperate with the police,increase the police’s resources in the community, and hold police accountable for public safety
  4. Keep SHSAT,expand G&T, strive for education funding so that every family can afford the cost of preschool.
  5. Invest in sanitation and garbage collection, 
  6. Invest in community resources, in parks, etc.
  7. Open more indoor dining, speed up business recoveries, prevent the government from making adverse changes to their leisure.
  8. Establish communications between community enterprises and the government, and eliminate malicious red tape. Effectively supervise and reduce unreasonable bureaucratic procedures.
  9. Develop unused government land. Build more parking lots. Open more private commercial buses to promote business prosperity.
  10. Promote skills training and entrepreneurial loans, increase employment opportunities, improve professional standards, and promote community prosperity.
  11. Develop the 38th district industrial city.  
  12. Regulate housing procedures between landlords and tenants, reducing housing costs and time.